Live From London (eng)

Gary Moore

Mascot Label Group/Provogue, 2020

Hard Blues

versione italiana qui

When I knew that Live From London recorded it lasts performance live with the Belfast’s guitarist, I couldn’t stop to take the album and make it play at the loudest volume allowed. Suddenly, I understood: it’s dripping blood and sweat, in the rock-blues style. And if it’s not ready for a band who doesn’t leave anything to chance, and at the strong sound of six strings which moan, screech and purr and scratch, then you have to give up: it’s not fit to everyone. This live is a window on the past which through we can appear and listen to an artist dealing with a high-level performance; a last, small, fragment of genius: Gary Moore was a champion with the Les Paul and his death left an unbridgeable emptiness.

The first song is “Oh Pretty Woman”; it needs instantly to make it clear what has to be aspect and open the doors to the deep of the album’s sonority which is anchored to the blues style but it cannot be affected of the hard rock melody of Thin Lizzy, there is nothing less of the classic style of Gary. Going ahead with the exploration, in “All Your Love” Moore’s guitar reveals the riff and it’s launched in continuous boost: a thoroughbred that doesn’t want to be stopped. Voice and instrument build an excellent dialogue make precious the sound and the version of “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” it’s the most beautiful reinterpretation of the Al Kooper classic’s if there is not the one of Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart in the Live in Amsterdam.

Moore is launched along the track giving all he has for the twelve minutes of the song and we can only let ourselves be amazing by his ability, from a fiery guitar he maintaining the attention of the listener. But is Mojo Boogie, of JB Lenoir, that kidnap him and carry in the center of the Delta and effort to bring him back; it starts with the bottleneck which slides lecherous and powerful, like the Mississippi, on the strings remembering the intro of “Blues Before Sunrise” of Clapton; with “Since I Met You Baby”, it’s the best of the album. The second one is a standard of the blues winch Moore completely transform: the held notes, the rapidity of the execution where the fingers blink along the strings, the rhythm, everything in this version make us going deep inside the energy winch that night, the second of December 2009, should waft not only on the stage but upon London. Press to the high, showing what you can do when the soul and the music are on the same wavelength and if Moore should be useful to look down from heights like that, I’ve got the need to get up for absorbing dizziness. Just after a little walk from the desk to the bed, I could starts over to write trying to be the more frankly possible.

Live From London sees involved a remarkable band: everything is in the right place, the rhythm is powerful and all of them collaborated so that the music would be dense and full-bodied and Moore could let himself go, without thinking about anything, if it’s not creating; also who has worked behind the scenes has proven a champion giving to us thirteen tracks which including all the Moore classics pieces and a wonderful sound cleanness: if it isn’t for the evocative force that only a stage could give to the great musician which doesn’t shake in front of the public, we could almost think to be in the presence of a studio’s work.

Gary Moore at Pite Havsbad

“Still Got The Blues” is a stronghold of the exhibition of Gary Moore since when it was recorded in 1990 in testimony of the passage to the blues melodies: it starts sweet, languid as a beautiful woman and melancholy as a desperate lover, it is opened to a painful sensation that even when the Les Paul roaring, it doesn’t leave.

The closing of the concert is typical: “Parisienne Walkways”, written with Lyncott, the ballad is dedicated to the after war Paris and to Phil’s father; as a knower of the singer, I knew he would stretch the notes till the unlikely and he let himself go to the last, fairy flash of lightness before the dark of the end of a concert. A lighthouse who’s bright and slice through the night.

I was waiting with anxiety the bending but, when it arrived it surprising me anyway, even I perfectly knew where it will be, it comes right in the target, a powerful shot. 

At the end of the journey: Live From London is an album to have because it shows and celebrates the talent and the class of the Nord-Irish artist. Everyone who loves the rock blues and the guitar should have it in the music library.

Gibson Les Paul


  • Oh Pretty Woman
  • Bad For You Baby
  • Down The Line
  • Since I Met You Baby
  • Have You Heard
  • All Your Love
  • The Mojo (Boogie)
  • I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
  • Too Tired/ Gary’s Blues 1
  • Still Got The Blues
  • Walking By Myself
  • The Blues Is Alright
  • Parisienne Walkways


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